Current Version

In the official Steam release of the game, more tools were added:

Item Game Description
Axe Axe Useful for chopping down trees and cutting stuff loose.
Axe icon Binoculars See farther!
Buildinghammer icon Building Hammer Useful for expanding your raft.
Fishingrod icon Fishing Rod Get some fish!
Fishingrod icon Metal Fishing Rod Sturdier and a bit more professional.
Hook icon Plastic Hook Use this amazing item to catch debris floating by in the ocean!
Hook icon Scrap Hook This is basically the same as the Plastic Hook but better. It's faster, more durable and can be thrown farther.
Hook icon Paddle Has your raft gotten stuck? This will help!
Paint Brush Paint Brush Turn your raft into a colorful home!
Hook icon Shark Bait Keep the shark busy!
Spear icon Wooden Spear A great device for poking things.
Spear icon Metal Spear An even greater device for poking things.

2016 Version

In the 2016 beta version of the game, these resources were included:

Item Game Description
Axe icon Axe Can be used to chop down trees and the raft itself
Buildinghammer icon Building Hammer Used to expand the raft
Fishingrod icon Fishing Rod Used to catch fishes of different types
Hook icon Hook Used to gather debris from the ocean
Spear icon Spear Useful for defending your raft