islands can be found when you voyage through the sea

What can obtained

You can get pineapples and melons from them these food items can be grow in the medium crop plot. You can also find mangos. Islands can hold the rare island hut they are often hard to get to and have some thing valuable. There are flowers scattered around the islands and if broken they will give you the flower its self and sometimes the seed. The huts scattered around the islands grant access to hinges, iron ore, wood and more. If a player goes under the island you will get access to a reef and you will get see weed, iron ore, giant clams, copper ore, sand and clay

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Islands are often pillars of rocks and the huts look similar to the abandon raft. The grass is green and the flowers can range between colour.


If the Raft gets to far away from an Island, the Island will despawn, even if the player is still on it.