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How do you die the most

How do you die in raft. Every week I will give you tips to avoid this problem.
How do you die the most in Raft
  • Shark
  • Food and hunger
  • Lack of common sence
  • AFK to much
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remember after each week ill tell you how to avoid each of these deaths if no one votes well I wont do it ok. next week is 7th of May happy voting :)
well I forgot about this anyhow to prevent death from hunger and thirst build your self a water purifier and tin can first. The reason why is because thirst goes down quicker then hunger so once you've got those 2 items craft your self a fishing rod and a cooking station special thanks to creepy pac for voting :)

Ok food is often the main cause of death when your in the early game. I recommend crafting an axe before the first island to collect the mango and coconuts because the do give food and water. Also don't craft a cooker craft a water purifier and eat raw fish. But the axe should be the first priority

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